Parman & Company

Sharing Your Passion For Your Cause

Frequently Asked Questions

What does your company do?

We leverage the passion, abilities and power possessed by for-profit and not-for-profit executives to assist them in achieving the goals for themselves and those they serve. In our role, we act as an adviser, confidant, consultant and most importantly, a coach.

By providing a coaching service to the CEO and other sales and management executives, we help to build trusting relationships with clients, employees, partners, shareholders and other stakeholders. By initiating relationships, or strengthening existing relationships, we focus on understanding everyone’s motives and goals in an attempt to reach win, win, win.

Where does Parman & Company work?        

Geographically, we work anywhere there is WiFi. Since our value is highly leveraged by executives, the coaching and consulting services are done primarily at scheduled meetings and over the phone. Supporting documents, reference materials and decision making forms are, in most cases, transmitted electronically.

Parman & Company has provided services throughout the U.S. and internationally.

Parman & Company is based in Southeastern Wisconsin. On-site support is regularly accommodated on a time and direct expenses basis.

Why use Parman & Company?

Parman & Company has proven over and over and over again to substantially increase the probability of success in any initiative they are employed.

At what point should I use your company?

Now! The unprecedented acceleration of changes in technology and economics of the 21st century are introducing unprecedented uncertainty. Decision making must take advantage of both classical and innovative approaches if it is to guarantee the highest probability of success.

What are your costs?

As a coaching and consulting service, we have a traditional pricing offer based on time and materials. Typically, there is a monthly retainer that includes weekly scheduled, structured discussion as well as on call, as needed support.

Other services such as training, project management, on-site management and event management are billed on a time and materials basis.

Please contact us for further details.